1 Year Term Then month-to-month
residency with no annual charge.
6 Month Term With premium, then month-to-month residency and at one year the extra premium is dropped.
6 Month Term If extended to one year at any time, you drop premium and return to original rate with next payment.
6 Month Term No premium is added if unit is not painted before occupancy. Subject to timing and availability.
Application Process No application fee! Consideration and personal attention will be given for unusual circumstances.
Pet(s) Rent premium per month per pet (maximum of 2). After five years residency, the premium is dropped.
Job Transfer Subject to conditions & restrictions which allow lease to be terminated. Lease amendment required prior to moving into community.
Long-Term Residents Will receive a repainting of the premises after 3 years and a carpeting cleaning every 18 months, subject to certain conditions.
Rent Increase Are guaranteed to never be greater than market rates to new residents, and generally are discounted, delayed or waived to continuing residents.
Warranty / Guarantee Feature See Warranty / Guarantee.
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