Authorization Request

Authorization Request

To Whom It May Concern:

I herby authorize you to release Schottenstein Real Estate Group, for verification purposes, information concerning:

  1. Employment dates, title, income, hours worked, etc.
  2. Bank and saving account(s) of record.
  3. Mortgage loan rating, credit and criminal report; (opening date, high credit, payment amount, loan balance, and payment record).
  4. Rental history; (term of lease, payment history, problems and/or any derogatory information).

Also, I herby authorize utility service to be established in my name and agree to pay for such service. This information is for the confidential use of Schottenstein Real Estate Group. A photographic or carbon copy of this authorization (being a photographic or carbon copy of the signature(s) of the undersigned), may be deemed to be the equivalent of the original, and may be used as a duplicate original. Your prompt response and cooperation to this request is greatly appreciated.