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6 Apartment Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring is arriving soon and you know what that means? Spring cleaning! After a long winter it can seem a little overwhelming, but here are six apartment spring cleaning tips to help you out.

Flip Your Mattress

One chore that many people don’t even think about doing is flipping the mattress. When you flip your mattress, you will extend its life by sleeping in different parts of the surface. Your back will thank you when you lay down on your mattress and there are no uneven spots.

When you flip your mattress, you can also do a quick clean underneath your bed. This will eliminate any dust bunnies and crumbs that might live under the bed and free up some space for storing winter items!

Clean Your Sheets

When you’re flipping your mattress, you can kill two birds with one stone by throwing your sheets in the washer. Not only will you be sleeping on a supportive mattress, but also you’ll sleep comfortably with clean sheets and blankets.

Put Winter Clothes in Storage

As part of spring cleaning, you should consider condensing your wardrobe by storing your bulky winter clothes away to make room for all of your spring and summer outfits.

If you have room under your bed, this will be the most efficient place to store your winter clothes at your apartment. You can buy containers that fit perfectly under your bed at any store such as Target or Meijer.

Dust Where You’d Never Look – Blinds

The most important chore you should take on for spring cleaning is dusting, and don’t just dust your countertops, dust EVERYTHING! During the winter, dust collects in every nook and cranny of your apartment. Make sure to dust behind and on top of appliances, as well as your blinds. This will reduce the amount of allergens in the air and improve the air quality of your apartment.

Clean Your Shower

Now that you’ve got your room organized and ready for spring, it’s time to do the same for the bathroom. It’s always good to give the bathroom, especially the shower, a deep clean. It will help keep your bathroom sharp and smelling pleasant!

Clean Inside Your Fridge

One spot in your apartment that might get overlooked is your refrigerator. Take the time in the spring to clean the inside and get rid of old food that you don’t need. You’ll be happy to gain new space and a clean place to store your perishables. You can also take a look in your freezer and organize it. Many frozen foods can be kept, but there’s no reason to keep things that have been sitting, taking up space in your freezer.

Spring cleaning is a daunting task, but it’s not too bad if you take your time to complete everything. Split up the chores into different days or weekends and enjoy the spring weather!