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614 Area Code Change

Most of us from central Ohio are proud to represent the 614 area code. It’s the only area code used in Franklin County and throughout the state of Ohio. It’s also the easiest way to recognize a local buckeye fan from all the rest.

However that soon won’t be the case. Its been predicted that the area code 614 will reach its capacity within the next year.

What happens when you run out of phone number area codes? You simply create a new one.

Now along with the 614 area code, all new Franklin County phone numbers will use an overly with a 380 area code. Instead of splitting the county into two area codes, an overlay will allow for two area codes, both 614 and 380, to be used but will require people to dial all 10 numbers, even for local calls.

On August 1st, Franklin County will allow a six-month transition period, during which callers can either dial 7 or 10 numbers when making local calls. After the end of January 2016 all callers will be required to enter either a 380 or 614 area code for all local calls. According to the Columbus Dispatch, the first number with a 380 area code will be put into effect no sooner than February 26, 2016.

Columbus 614 numbers are not alone in adapting to the use of an overlay. The 740 area code community has also recently been adjusted to adapt the new 220 numbers, as the 740 area code numbers are expected to run out this April.

Luckily, as cell phone users have the ability to save area phone numbers to phone contacts, it is automatically making the means of remembering area codes unnecessary. Of course this makes the particular transition much less complicated.


As buckeyes we are set in our traditional ways but we welcome all new 380 area code residents to become part of the local buckeye nation.