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Best Kept Secrets in Columbus

In 2012, Columbus was ranked in BusinessWeek’s 50 best cities in America. In 2013, Forbes gave Columbus an A rating as one of the top cities for business in the U.S. Columbus was also ranked as the no. 1 up-and-coming tech city in the nation by Forbes in 2008. Clearly, Columbus is no longer the best-kept secret in the Midwest. The capital of Ohio and largest city in the Buckeye state is becoming more diverse and popular.

Still, there are activities in Columbus that someone visiting might not be aware of. In this blog post, we’re going to reveal the best-kept secrets in Columbus. From food and culture to entertainment and nightlife, this blog post will cover the hidden gems of the Arch City!

dirty-franksDirty Franks:

When you hear a restaurant described as a “Hot Dog Palace” you have no other option than to check it out. Dirty Franks Hot Dog Palace serves all-beef, vegan and vegetarian hot dogs. Located on S. 4th Street in downtown Columbus, this hot dog restaurant was ranked as one of the “Top 10 Hot Dog Joints in the U.S.” by the Food Network. It is also open until 2:30 AM for those late night goers.


Columbus might not be viewed as one of the top hockey markets in the country. That being said, they certainly have one of the liveliest hockey bars in the states! R-Bar is located right next to Nationwide Arena and claims to be the “#1 Hockey Bar in the Country.” There is a Jumbotron and over two-dozen flat screen televisions with delicious wings and beer selection. If you are looking for a memorable sports bar in Columbus, visit R-Bar!

Columbus Museum of Art:

Approximately 200,000 people tour the Museum of art each year in Columbus. CMA houses art that speaks to diverse interest and styles. Their collection includes late nineteenth and early twentieth-century American and European modern art. Tickets for adults are just $12 and the diverse culture at the Columbus Museum of Art is a fantastic way to spend an afternoon in Columbus.

83032362OSU Tailgate:

Ohio State Football certainly isn’t one of the best-kept secrets in Columbus. Everyone and their mom bleed scarlet and grey in Columbus! That being said, the tailgating experience for an Ohio State Football game is unforgettable. From getting to mingle with people from all over the state of Ohio to eating some of the best tailgating food in the country, roaming High Street in Columbus during the fall is a can’t miss activity! If you are visiting from out of town, make sure not to wear maze and blue to any tailgate!

Metro Parks:

The Metro Parks in Central Ohio feature 17 outstanding natural area parks and protects more than 27,000 acres of land and water in seven Central Ohio counties for people to discover and experience nature. Whether you are looking to run, walk, bike or roller blade, the Metro Parks in Central Ohio provide a great escape from everyday life. While the Metro Parks might get overlooked, some of the most beautiful sights in Ohio can be found outdoors in Columbus.

Who would have thought a hot dog palace, a museum of art and a metro park could all be included on the same list of great activities in Columbus? There are so many hidden gems in Columbus. If you have an open weekend and are able to check all of the activities off of your “to do” list, you won’t be disappointed.

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