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Cool New Home Innovations:

Technology seems to always be helping us find new ways to make our lives more efficient. At the Schottentein Real Estate Group, we`re all about making life easier, especially in your living space. Mashable recently published an article about the coolest new home innovations, and we just had to share our favorites with you:

• MilkPlease: This service out of Berlin is essentially crowdsource shopping. You need a gallon of milk and your neighbor happens to be at the grocery store? Perfect! They can grab it for you.
• EcoVea Shower System: This platform can be installed in a shower to recycle clean water and save up to 80% on your water bills. The product will sort the dirty water from the clean, and treat the clean water to be sent back to the shower head. Along with saving water and money, it makes you feel better about taking those long showers.
• Vurv Wall Desk: This desk attaches to your wall like a cabinet and opens up to be a standing desk. It has a few slots and drawers for letters or receipts. For those of you who are always looking to save space in a smaller apartment unit, this desk could be perfect for you!
These are our three favorites from the article, but check out the rest for yourself here ( For more great tips and tricks for your apartment, stay tuned to our blog. To learn more about our apartment and rental communities in Central Ohio and beyond, visit our website at