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Living at SRE Community, BriceGrove Park

Though each and every one of the Schottenstein Real Estate Group’s seven rental communities have great locations, outstanding amenities, and wonderful staff, Katie and Kevin Good had some great things to say about the three years they spent in the Columbus, Ohio Apartment community, BriceGrove Park.

“My husband and I lived in BriceGrove Apartments for 3 years. We just recently moved out because we are expecting our first baby,” explained Katie. “We loved your apartments! We always had quick service and issues were always taken care of well.”

Not only were the Good’s impressed by the beautiful apartments at BriceGrove Park, they also experienced impeccable service from the staff there. “We loved Debbie in the office. She gave solid answers and loved our dog!”

BriceGrove Park’s Debbie Fotey truly believes in great customer service and getting to know the residents at her community. “It’s so nice when you go into work and instead of feeling like your talking to clients, you just feel like you’re talking to your friends,” exclaims Debbie. “I really like to try to get to know the residents in our communities. Not only does it make them feel special and add a little extra personal touch, it’s also more fun for me!”

The Good’s will never forget the time they spent at the Columbus rental community, BriceGrove Park. “I lived in 2 other apartments within a few miles of Brice grove before renting with the Schottenstein Real Estate Group (I kept upgrading the size). The experience was not nearly as great and I am so happy I found you guys! I honestly believe the management made that possible. I would recommend your apartments to anyone who would ask!”

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