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Schottenstein Real Estate Group Becomes First Three Time Developer of the Year

The Pool at Lancaster Midtown!

The Schottenstein Real Estate Group, Building Industry (BIA) Developer of the Year in 2006, 2010,and 2012 and is in a strong expansion mode continuing to develop large projects with office, retail, and residential components.

Vice President Brian Schottenstein says “We are so honored to be named a 3 time winner of such a prestigious developer of the year award.  It is because of our great employees putting in all of their individual efforts to reach our company goals as one team.  This is also for all of our wonderful residents, who we like to refer to as family.  Without their great support this would never be possible.”

The Columbus builder’s projects include the completion of Hilliard Grand and Hilliard Summit totaling 525 units and $51 million in construction. The Schottenstein Real Estate Group has also built three condominium communities and over 500 households totaling more than $110 million in sales over the past few years.  In 2012, Schottenstein Real Estate Group will build more than 1,500 rental units including 240 apartments in Lancaster, OH called Lancaster Midtown and Mason Grand in Mason, OH which if approved will include 294 apartments and over 120k sq ft of office/retail. SRE Group is also going in for approvals in Grove City and the Polaris areas along with Palm Beach Gardens, Florida featuring total construction when built of over $150 million.

Chairman/CEO Gary Schottenstein states “Statistics confirm that we are one of the largest residential builders in Ohio and the Midwest right now. It is amazing but at this time, Schottenstein Real Estate Group controls nearly 300 acres of undeveloped land in Ohio and Florida, which will keep us very busy in the future.” Expansion is also taking place outside of Ohio as the new $70 million Palm Beach Gardens, Florida project calls for a mix of apartments and retail on 43 acres” Confirmed Schottenstein.

Brian Schottenstein states “for the last couple years we have been in expansion mode, but now we are going to take that to another level.  We plan on being the largest mixed use and residential developer not only in Ohio, but the Midwest and Florida as we have 10 new developments on the pipeline.”