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Spring Cleaning Tips

With the first official day of Spring right around the corner (March 30th – we’re not counting down the days or anything), it’s time to start thinking about and planning that yearly Spring cleaning. Many people dread the thought of cleaning at all, let alone the practice of thoroughly cleaning your whole ¬†apartment, but if you follow these fool-proof tips, not only are you guaranteed to have a beautiful and spotless home, you might even stop viewing this cleaning ritual in such a negative light:

  1. Stock Up on Cleaning Supplies: Before you start your Spring cleaning, pick up all of the products you’ll need so that you don’t have to keep running out to get anything. Once you’re finished with your cleaning, having all of these supplies on hand might also inspire you to keep your place clean throughout the year.
  2. Get Dusting: We can’t believe how much dust can accumulate even in a short time. Go through your house with a duster, take everything off your shelves, dust behind your furniture, and even make sure you hit the tops of ceiling fans and on window casings. Your place will feel much cleaner without all the dust AND it might even help with some of your seasonal allergies.
  3. Wash Sheets and Blankets: Even though you probably do this throughout the year, washing all of your sheets and blankets will make you feel like a new person. Plus, there’s nothing like getting to a perfectly clean bed at the end of a long day of cleaning!
  4. Get Rid of Junk: Go through room by room and get rid of all the stuff that you never use. Whether it’s old clothes, the piles of magazines you store on your coffee table, or food that’s been sitting in your pantry, getting rid of all of this “stuff” will make you feel like a new person. Don’t know what to do with all of it? Think about donating it to a food or clothing shelter, or even having a garage sale to get some extra cash.
  5. Play Music: Make your Spring cleaning fun this year. Putting on your favorite music while cleaning can make the experience much more enjoyable!

Of course, there are many other steps to take in order to get your apartment perfectly clean, but following these steps will get you into the cleaning mode and make you feel refreshed and ready for Winter hibernation to end and Spring to begin!