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2014 Winter Events and Activities for Residents

The Schottenstein Real Estate Group is one of the largest developer/builders in the Midwest. With over 25,000 rental units and a variety of commercial, retail, land and office projects, we are dedicated to creating exceptional communities for living, working, shopping and entertainment. Therefore, we wanted to share some fun activities and event ideas with our residents for the 2014 year.


Snowman Contest

With bitter temperatures sweeping across the country, many people are struggling to come up with fun outdoor events during the winter season. How does a cool snowman contest sound? Each individual household builds a snowman, adding accessories (sunglasses, scarf, necklace, wig) as the community will start to grow and develop with a yearly coolest snowman Contest. The best snowman will get bragging rights until the next annual snowman contest.

Ice Breaker-The Name Game

One of the goals of our communities is for the residents to get to know one another. The “name game” that we want to establish involves residents meeting other neighbors and getting to know more of the community. How to play: Each resident starts by meeting a new person, either walking around the community, visiting the club house or just seeing a new person in an apartment community. Residents will start by saying “Hello, My name is _____” and start initial conversation.  Try and connect and meet as many new people everyday over the 2014 year and by this time next year, you will have many new friends and more connections.

bigstock-Quote-Typographical-Background-50250122Kind, Random Acts

Every now and then, we all need a helping hand or a kind gesture to get us through the day. We would love for our residents to incorporate the Kind, Random Acts activity in their community. Here is how it works: If you see someone that is having car trouble, give him or her a hand. Another example is if you know one of your neighbors lost a loved one, you could place a card or balloon on their door. The idea is that everyone that receives an “act of kindness” will pass a favor on to another random person, which will create a strong bond amongst the residents.

Recreate Famous Movie Moments

Watching movies can be fun for people of all ages, and so can recreating famous movie moments. All you will have to do is create an outfit similar to a character in one of your favorite movies. Choose a character based on movie categories: Romance, Action, Comedy, Horror or Classic.  Take a picture reenacting a famous scene of your character and share it with your fellow residents on the Schottenstein Real Estate Group Facebook Page and add #liveyourdream to your picture post. This will be a surprisingly fun game to play when the weather heats up!

At Schottenstein Real Estate Group, we understand that where someone lives is one of the most important parts of their life, which is why we want our residents to live comfortably, have trust in us, and have fun. Learn more about our communities and exciting upcoming projects by clicking here.