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Premier Amenities When Seeking a Rental Community

Growing up, it seemed like our parents always had stories referring to how tough they had it during their childhood. “I had to hike to school in the snow. Uphill. Both ways!” We’ve all heard these folktales before!

If the next generation saw the way their parents grew up during the 21st century, they might not have a good deal of sympathy. Many apartment and rental communities where their parents had lived are decked with top amenities, such as the resort style apartments that SRE Group owns and operates.

If you are looking to rent as opposed to buy, what are the top amenities you should seek from an apartment community? We’ve provided a list below of premier ammenities that we offer at all of our communities.


Resort Style Heated Pool:

An apartment with a beautiful swimming pool is definitely a plus. Whether you live in a destination that is perfect weather year round or in a colder climate where only 4-months out of the year are pool season, having a swimming pool for the warm weather months is a huge bonus.


A swimming pool is a great place to hang out with other residents or invite friends over for a splash. Many times, there will be a grill at the pool for a good old-fashioned barbeque.


Wi-Fi Center:

Let’s face it, with smart phones nowadays, it seems like we are constantly checking emails and looking at a screen in some way, shape or form. Having a comfortable Wi-Fi/Business Center at an apartment community provides the perfect work environment while making sure that your connection to the Internet is on point!  Some of our communities such as Mason Grand and Grand at Polaris are free wireless throughout the community!


Fitness Center:

Gym memberships can cost a person $40 or more per month! Having a 24 hour fitness center at a rental community is just another added bonus. You will have a place in your backyard where you can stay fit and meet other residents. Additionally, a nice gym will allow you to watch the big game or your favorite show while working out. There is nothing better than killing two birds with one stone!



Sometimes it is nice to escape the friendly confines of your apartment. If you can walk into a clubhouse with comfortable couches, televisions and a friendly management staff, it is definitely a plus. Certain clubhouses will also let you throw parties or have events at your community! A clubhouse provides a ‘home away from home’ while allowing residents to meet new people in their community. Pretty awesome, huh?


Some communities might include other amenities such as:


1.      6,000-10,000 square foot Clubhouse


2.      24 hr State-of-the-art fitness center 


3.      Butterfly Gardens


4.      Resort-styled swimming pool & lounges 


5.      Movie Theater 


6.      Community Garden


7.      Dog Park


8.      Fire Pits


9.      Outdoor Grill Patio


10.    Sports Bar


11.    Walking Trails


12.    Bike Paths


13.    Juice bars 


14.    Car wash 


15.    Playground


16.    Putting greens




If you are currently living in an rental community with these amenities, consider yourself very lucky! There are many apartments that aren’t decked out with these features that are still fantastic places to live.