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Prepare your Apartment for Vacation

VACATIONVacation season is quickly approaching.  Whether you are going to spend a week on the beach, or just drive a few hours to see family, there are some important steps to take in preparing your apartment we at Schottenstein Real Estate Group advise you to take before you leave for your trip.

1.)  Arrange for your pet –On many occasions, we cannot take our pets with us on vacation.  Make sure to plan in advance for a friend or family member to come over and take care of them, or make an appointment at a local boarding facility.  Groomer’s often times offer boarding options.

2.)  Adjust the temperature –This is a great tip that will help you save on both money and energy.  If the weather permits, you can completely turn your thermostat of.  If not, set it so that the temperature in the apartment is around 80-85 degrees.  There is no need to keep your apartment chilled if you are not going to be around to enjoy it.  This step will also help keep your utility bill in check.

3.)  Unplug electronics – Most appliances, when not in use or even turned off, still use energy.  Make sure you unplug your appliances before you leave to help save money and balance out your energy bill.   Unplug things like the computer, alarm clock, microwave, toaster, and any other appliances you may have around your apartment.  There is no need to pay for these things to eat up energy if you are not using them.

  1. a.     *Another tip: If you don’t use an appliance regularly, keep it unplugged until you want to use it.


4.)  Have someone look after your apartment – Plants will need watered while you are away. Having someone come and go at least once a day will also help it look as if someone is home, and will help keep intruders away.  If you cannot find someone to check in on your apartment while you are away, you can buy cheap timers that will turn lights on and off at certain times.  This will also help give off the image that someone is inside the apartment.  These timers can be found at most home improvement stores.

5.)  Clean- Finally, clean your apartment before you leave.  How refreshing is it to come home to a clean apartment? Be sure you wash and put away the dishes, take care of your laundry, and vacuum thoroughly.  Also, clean the surfaces and floors of tile, especially in the kitchen, to make sure no leftover food or spills get overlooked, attracting ants and mold.  Lastly, be sure to take the garbage out.  If you don’t, leftover food can spoil and rot, leaving you with a pleasant aroma when you come back.

At our Schottenstein Real Estate Group apartments, our residents are our number one priority.  If you have any questions or concerns about leaving your apartment while you are away, contact us and talk with one of our loyal representatives.  We want you to feel safe while you are away.