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Resident of the Month: Teddy Edstrom

Teddy Edstrom, With Children Brice and Kelly

Teddy Edstrom moved into his Pickerington Ridge apartment a little over two years ago. What most people might now know, however, is that Teddy first lived at BriceGrove Park, another Schottenstein Real Estate community for a short three months before making Pickerington Ridge his permanent home.

Teddy was forced to sell his house and relocate with his 16-year-old son, Brice and 14-year-old daughter, Kelly several years ago after the market crashed. Teddy’s main concern was that his son would not have to transfer schools in the middle of his high-school career.

After endless searching, Teddy felt as though he would never find an apartment that was up to his standards. He said, “When I sold my house, I was having a hard time finding an apartment complex that fit my needs. I came from a nice house and I couldn’t find a “nice” apartment.”

Finally, Teddy went to his son’s school to discuss this issue with them. He was told that they would grant him special permission to live outside of the school district. His son would still be able to attend, but would have to give up playing on a sports team and taking the bus. This seemed like a small price to pay to be able to graduate with his life-long friends.

A few months after finally finding an apartment that fit his needs and moving into BriceGrove Park, it was time for the school year to begin. When Teddy brought his son in to register, he was told that Brice would not be able to attend. The school had failed to mention that Brice could live outside of the school district, but not outside of the school’s city limits. After all of that, Teddy was devastated to think that his son would have to transfer schools after all.

As a last resort, Teddy decided to bring up the issue with the Schottenstein Real Estate Group. “I explained the whole situation to the SRE Group. They were so understanding and allowed me to get out of my lease at BriceGrove Park and move into Pickerington Ridge, which happened to be in my son’s school district. Thanks to the Schottenstein Real Estate Group, my son was able to stay in his school and will be able to graduate with his friends. I can’t say enough about the Schottensteins; they have been very good to me. I have nothing but praise for them. They have been fantastic, you can see why I would recommend them to anyone.

Since then, Teddy and his children have been extremely happy at Pickerington Ridge. He adds, “I thought I was going to hate apartment living, but living here has been a pleasure. Living at Pickerington Ridge has been a fantastic experience. I never see any problems here. You can’t ask for much more than this. The grounds are well kept, dogs are on leashes, and kids can even leave their bike on their patios without having to worry about them. It’s almost too good to be true.”

Not only does Teddy love the community, as well as it’s fantastic amenities, he says that his favorite thing about Pickerington Ridge is its staff. “The staff in the SRE offices are amazing. They really are. Anytime I call them and need something, they are always on the ball. It’s pretty impressive. Whatever they’re doing, they’re doing right.”

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