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SRE Group Offers Employees Outstanding Work Environment

Not only does the Schottenstein Real Estate Group take pride in offering its resident the opportunity to “live their dream” at one of their communities, they also offer an outstanding working environment and employees who truly believe in what they do, care about their residents, and feel like they have become part of the Schottenstein Real Estate family.

The SRE Group is known as a respected leader in real estate, and the company is dedicated to creating exceptional communities for living, working, shopping and entertainment. Schottenstein Real Estate has prided themselves on this reputation and offers exceptional experiences for residents and employees alike.  Denise Brown of Hilliard Summit says, “I began working for Schottenstein Real Estate Group over 10 years ago and I have enjoyed watching the company grow and being a part of that. SRE Group is always striving to meet the needs of the community and they do it brilliantly through their rental communities and condominium homes. Working in the creative environment that SRE cultivates, it is easy to see how they stay ahead of the competition.”

Ron Utterback, VP of Sales and Marketing for the SRE Group adds, “I joined SRE Group in June and have been extremely happy.  A great Company with great people and great developments. Who could ask for more?”

Schottenstein Real Estate Group offers a unique opportunity to be a part of a company that is family-run, and also makes employees feel like they are part of that tight-knit, family atmosphere. Brenda Griffith, an Accounts Payable Construction Coordinator for the SRE Group remarks, “Working at Schottenstein Real Estate Group has been such a wonderful experience. We are not just co-workers… we are friends! I feel that because we are such a close group, we have an effective team to deliver excellent customer service. From our sub-contractors to our tenants… We want to do a great job so we don’t let our team down.”

That team and family mentality at the SRE Group, combined with the importance the company places on being a leader in the industry is what truly makes Schottenstein Real Estate Group stand out to its employees. Rae Kirkbride, AP/AR Administrator for the SRE Group goes on to say, “I have always enjoyed working with this organization because we work well together as a team – thriving to be on the edge – looking for new ways to head into the future.”

The work environment at Schottenstein Real Estate Group keeps employees happy, motivated, and enthusiastic about their careers. Not only are SRE employees among the most experienced and reputable in the real estate industry, but they are also among the happiest with their jobs! Potential residents will realize that the SRE Group communities will not only stand out because of their amazing amenities, but also a staff who truly cares about each individual’s living situation.

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