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New Exercise Facilities at SRE

With amenities and living accommodations that help make up some of the best apartment and condo communities in Central Ohio, the Schottenstein Real Estate Group is always looking to make improvements and give residents even more reason to feel like they are living their dream in their SRE community home. Whether it is offering residents fun activities to connect and socialize with their neighbors or making upgrades to the communities themselves, the Schottenstein Real Estate Group is always proactive in making changes and is forward thinking when it comes to offering residents the comforts and conveniences that matter most to them.

In the past few months alone, three SRE communities have made upgrades to their exercise facilities. With new paint and flooring, updated equipment, new flat screen TVs, key card access for safety and even new lounges, the gyms at Pickerington Ridge, BriceGrove Park and Parkway Village feel as good as new. “The Schottenstein Real Estate Group makes changes and upgrades to its communities before resident’s have the chance to realize that these changes even need to be made,” remarks Amy Salters of Pickerington Ridge. “ We are always looking for ways to improve our communities and make them the best places to live for our residents.”

The Schottenstein Real Estate Group prides itself on offering residents the best in apartment and condo living. “It is really important to us that our residents have the best of the best,” says Doris Vollmer of Parkway Village. “If that means improving our exercise facilities, then that is exactly what we’re going to do. Whether we are making changes that we feel are necessary for improving our communities, or listening to feedback from our residents, we are always open making improvements.”

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