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Schottenstein Real Estate Group “Live Your Dream” 2012 Campaign

The beautiful clubhouses at SRE Communities offer amazing amenities!

The American Dream is a philosophy in which freedom includes the opportunity for prosperity and success, and an upward social mobility achieved through hard work. The Schottenstein Real Estate Group chose their company slogan, “Live Your Dream,” as they believe their residents will feel like they have reached a major accomplishment in their personal and work life upon moving into one of their state-of-the-art communities.

An upward trend in apartment rentals and condominium living has made it possible to “Live Your Dream” without having your own home. “The opportunity to plant a garden plot at our home has been a real treat!” exclaimed Hilliard Grand Resident Sue Skinner. “That is usually one of the things you ‘forfeit’ in apartment living. Thank you for the land, the tools and the privilege to grow our own vegetables!”

Why sign up for a gym membership when you have one in your backyard?

Spacious homes, beautiful landscapes, fitness centers, resort-style swimming areas, business centers with free WiFi, outdoor lounges complete with fire pits and a great room for gathering with friends offers residents amenities that they could have only dreamed of. “This is the first home where I’ve been on my own,” said Susan Bell. “I hope every resident is aware of the beautiful facilities that we are able to enjoy!”

“When residents tell me that they enjoyed a good morning workout at the gym and are on their way to the pool to barbeque, it sounds like they are staying at a resort,” remarked Brian Schottenstein, Director of Development and Marketing at the Schottenstein Real Estate Group. “Our communities have amazing amenities to offer in the best locations that allow each resident to “Live Your Dream,” in a peaceful and upscale style of living.”

What is Your Dream? A vacation sure sounds good, doesn't it?

Schottenstein Real Estate Group has taken the “Live Your Dream” motto to new and exciting levels on a digital platform based upon the one year anniversary of the campaign.  SRE Group wants to give everyone of their residents a chance to live their dream by posting about it on the company’s Facebook page. “My dream is to take my lil brother on a much needed vacation!” posted Kristin Moreland on Facebook minutes after the campaign went live. “He is 19 years old and has had 12 back surgeries in a little of four years.”  SRE Group will pick a winner and pay for the resident to have their dream come true this holiday season!

Columbus, Hilliard, Grove City, Pickerington, Gahanna and Lancaster are some of the thriving areas where the SRE Group has apartment rentals and condominiums available. If you’re looking for a place to “Live Your Dream,” look no further than the Schottenstein Real Estate Group!

*Note – Stay tuned for ticket giveaways, contests, and events for anyone to take part in on the Schottenstein Real Estate Group’s Facebook page!*