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Top Amenities Renters Look For in a Community

Making a decision in regards to choosing a rental community can be difficult. However, there are certain amenities that are particularly attractive to renters and have a good chance of impacting their decision of whether or not they choose a certain community. Schottenstein Real Estate Group has come up with a list of the top amenities that renters look for when picking a rental community. SRE Group has years of experience with renters and understands what it takes to please these individuals.

Pet Friendly

One of the most appealing amenities across the board for renters are communities that are pet-friendly. A significant amount of people, especially millennials own a dog or cat. Finding a property with this amenity is worthwhile even if you do not have a pet at the moment. That way, if you eventually decide that you want a pet, you will not have to worry about finding a new place to live.

Fitness Center and Yoga/Pilates Studio

Another top amenity that renters are looking for is a high-quality fitness center, and furthermore, space for residents to do yoga or pilates. Fitness has become increasingly important and residents are commonly in search of communities that offer this amenity at a good quality. A room with a few treadmills is not enough; the fitness center should include a variety of machines and weights for residents to use.

Online Rent Pay/Maintenance Requests

It is 2017, and this means that with every new year, individuals prefer to take care of as much as possible online instead of in person. Renters significantly prefer the ability to pay rent or place a maintenance request online. Paper checks are becoming less and less common, in face some individuals do not use paper checks anymore. For this reason, online payment options are becoming increasingly popular.


Another popular amenity in rental communities is car garages. Residents tend to feel safer when they have the option to keep their car in a covered garage. Garages are also well liked in places with snowy winters because they keep the car from getting covered in snow and ice. This is a top amenity across the board.

Public Spaces

Green, public space is another amenity that many residents prefer to have available. Most rental communities offer a conference room or television room, but outdoor space is becoming more important. Fire pits, grills, and outdoor seating are very attractive to renters. Going even further, some renters will only rent from communities that offer a swimming pool.

Cable TV

Having a cable television provider easily accessible to renters is an important amenity. Renters appreciate when this amenity comes along with the community and saves them the time from dealing with this on their own. Nearly everyone watches cable television, meaning that this amenity is very important for every rental community.

Washer and Dryer in Unit

A final amenity that is highly attractive to renters is access to a washer and dryer in the unit. This allows renters to do laundry whenever it is convenient without needing to leave the comfort of their home. This is a valued feature of living in a rental community. This is another amenity that can directly influence some individuals’ decision of whether or not to rent from a certain place.

Living in a rental community is a decision that many individuals of all ages choose to make. There are certain amenities that renters look for more than others. When making a decision, be sure to ask yourself what amenity is most important to you.