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Trick or Treat Columbus 2013 | Make Your Home Memorable for Halloween

We all know that Halloween is the holiday to dress up in scary (or not-so-scary) costumes and go from house to house collecting treats such as candy. When you give out great candy or have scary decorations around the end of October, you will certainly be remembered by trick or treaters.

Below is a list of five steps that anyone should take so their home is memorable for Halloween.

Decorations: It takes some time and thought to pull off a scary home on the outside but a cozy and comfortable one on the inside that will impress guests (whether young trick or treeters or family friends). Going to a store that sells home good products like Target or Wal-Mart will give you all of the necessities needed to pull off the best Halloween decorations for an affordable price.

Candy: From candy corn to caramelized apples to Snickers, having great candy and food is a no-brainer around the holiday time. Kids don’t forget about a house that gives away the best candy on the block. In most candy aisles during October, you can find festive colored wrapping that will reflect this spooky time of year!

Cooking: Imagine walking into a home with great decorations and an amazing smell of pumpkin pie! There are many great recipes for the Halloween season (such as pumpkin seeds in the oven) that will have your home smelling like Halloween time. For more great Halloween cooking tips, visit the Food Network to see the list that they compiled!

Movies: What’s better than a chilly night in October watching a spooky movie with your family and friends? Rent, buy or stream several scary movies and plan on watching them all! Your cozy home will be the perfect environment to watch a scary movie on the edge of your couch with blankets in tact (to hold onto tightly during the spookiest scene).

Costumes: Whether you want to take the scary route and have a bloodied body or the comedic route with a president’s face, make sure you have a good costume! Whether you are having a Halloween party with friends or want to make a lasting impression on trick or treaters, you’ll never forget about the best costume. Throwing a costume party is a great idea to have with a small group of friends at your home!

Follow these five steps and your Halloween in 2013 will certainly be a memorable one! Just make sure not to make your home too spooky, remember, you do have to sleep there every night!

Schottenstein Real Estate Group contributed content to this article. SRE Group focuses on Mason, Ohio Apartments and Grove City Apartments.