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Trick-or-Treat Times at SRE Group Communities

It seems like October just began a few days ago, but already Halloween is right around the corner! Trick-or-treating is probably the most looked-forward-to part of Halloween, but it can come with detrimental problems when not done safely or correctly.

No matter where you’re trick-or-treating it is important to go at the times suggested by the community. While you’re welcome to start early to stay late, the recommended times are chosen because they are the safest for the community and allow families to have the best Halloween experience with the lowest amount of safety concerns.

Trick-or-Treat Times For Our Communities

Beginning your trick-or-treating early means that families may not be ready for visitors, and staying out late runs the risk of danger due to reduced visibility and fewer people being out and about. The city of Grove City, Ohio has scheduled their trick-or-treat festivities and Boo on Broadway to occur on the evening of Halloween: Tuesday, October 31 beginning at 6 PM and lasting until 8 PM.

In Florence, Kentucky, our friends at The Grand at Florence can plan their trick-or-treating on the evening of Halloween: Tuesday, October 31 beginning at 6 pm and lasting until 8 PM.

For those of you living at , trick-or-treat festivities occur on the evening of Halloween: Tuesday, October 31 beginning at 6 PM and lasting until 8 PM.

While we all hear the horror stories of children getting sick from poisoned candy or injured from razor blades in their caramel apples, these threats are not nearly as likely to occur as Halloween car accidents are. It is very important to take extra precaution on Halloween night whether you’re operating the vehicle or in the streets with them.

Make sure you’re instructing your trick-or-treaters to look both ways before crossing the street and to walk instead of run to houses. Having a map of the neighborhood is a good idea so that nobody gets lost, and at least one person in the group should have a cell phone with them in case of emergency. If you plan to be driving on Halloween, make sure you’re going slower than normal and looking out for little ones whose excitement might make them forget to check for oncoming traffic.

Other injuries can be caused from improperly made costumes. Make sure your costume and your kids’ costumes do not cover the eyes and are a proper length. Capes, skirts or dresses, or long pant legs can cause a person to trip and fall, causing injury. Sturdy, comfortable shoes should also be worn, considering the amount of walking that will be done on Halloween night.

Trick-or-treating is meant to be a fun and exciting part of Halloween. With the right preparation, it can be enjoyed fully and with as few problems as possible. Grove City families, get ready for trick-or-treaters on the 31st beginning at 6 PM; and Grove City trick-or-treaters, get ready for a fun and exciting Halloween night and Boo on Broadway in a couple weeks!