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Schottenstein Real Estate Group Uses Social Media To Build “Communities”

SRE Group Facebook Page

As social media’s prevalence in our everyday lives continues to increase, companies are utilizing these tools more and more to reach their customers.  Social media allows companies to provide their customers with important information while also creating an interactive environment for the brand.

The Schottenstein Real Estate Group has created a new Facebook campaign, which utilizes one main company page as well as individual pages for each of their communities, allowing residents to stay up to date on events, news and other important information. Brian Schottenstein of the SRE Group says, “We feel that social media is an important way to market, especially for our apartment communities. It also gives our residents a chance to interact with each other and our company. Schottenstein Real Estate Group, BIA Developer of the Year, has the best communities in Central Ohio and now the best Facebook page as well.”

Not only does social media give the SRE Group a competitive advantage in the real estate sector in terms of keeping their residents up to date on community events and allowing them to interact with each other and the company, it also allows the SRE Group to offer 24 hour customer service to residents living in each community. Additionally, their social media pages give residents a sense of what each community is like through photos and posts of their events, parties and amenities. Schottenstein adds, “We have new developments in Ohio and Florida with state of the art fitness centers, pools, and other upscale custom features and amenities which is why we say our residents are truly living their dream.”

The Schottenstein Real Estate Group appreciates every time a web browser searches online for one of their state of the art communities. To show their appreciation while continuing to be interactive online, the SRE Group is giving away two Ohio State football tickets for an upcoming 2011 game. All you have to do is “Like” the Schottenstein Real Estate Group on Facebook to be registered to win a pair of great tickets to a game.

The Schottenstein Real Estate Group offers residents a unique opportunity via social media to get a true sense of what each community is like and even get to know their potential new neighbors and friends. The SRE Group makes it easy for residents to interact with the company and with one another, truly exemplifying “community” in every sense of the word.