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When Dream Homes Become Nightmares

A Castle… Seriously?

You just moved into your dream home. You have arrived; but where are you? Is this really the house for you? I know you made some serious money in the last 5 years but when did you become a medieval knight? Is a drafty castle really your dream home? What kind of lifestyle changes will you have to make to adjust to your new manor? Do you even ride horses? Why the horse property? I thought you were allergic. And that is one big library for someone who doesn’t read.

You may have dreamed of playing polo in the morning and then sitting back in your smoking jacket with a good book in the afternoon; but have you figured out when you are going to stop being a workaholic to make that all happen?

Whose dream house is this anyway?

Come on. What’s your real dream?

It is never a good idea to buy a dream home based on a lifestyle you might live someday. What is your lifestyle right now? Maybe the guy who bought the castle would have really liked a conveniently located rental community with an elegant and stylish design. The saved money would give the “guy” more flexibility for travel and making the interior of his new home extremely memorable for guests.

Go with your feelings

If you want your home to reflect your success, that’s fine. Pick a style that you love, a floor plan that excites you, and then find or build a home that fits the bill. No matter your budget or social standing, buy the home you want. Pick the style, size, and features that make you feel like it could be your home. However, don’t buy a Picasso, if you love Monet. The most important style element of your home decision is you.

Jami Castleton is a designer at heart. When not daydreaming or having nightmares about homes, Jami spends her time writing articles for companies like this one