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Thanksgiving Cooking Tips with Adrienne Hasty

Yummmm! Look at this beautiful turkey that Adrienne from Positively Cooking made!

Whether you are thankful that the Halloween candy has finally diminished or that the holiday season is right around the corner, Thanksgiving is almost here. To lift what may feel like a burden, I have a full Thanksgiving menu, with step-by-step, easy recipes to impress your guests… and yourself. To go one step further, I have prepared your grocery list to make this process a synch. That being said, I want to prepare you with tips and tools to make the big day seem effortless. Also, troubleshooting tips for a perfect turkey and creamy, flavorful potatoes.

First, a few tips to make your day flow with ease. If you are anything like me, too many people in the kitchen at the same time is frustrating to say the least. To avoid kitchen congestion, set up a beverage station away from the kitchen, maybe with a few appetizers on it (Spinach Dip recipe included in menu), so when guests arrive they congregate and chit-chat there. That way, while you are getting all your turkeys in a row, your guests will never see you sweat.

My biggest tip is to prep in advance. I know you’ve heard it… but do you really do it? Do you get your washing, peeling, and chopping done, pull your spices, clean your cookware, and organize ingredients in your fridge for easy grab-and-go action during show-time? Small organization can make a big, big difference. The convenience of the prepping will allow your kitchen-time to be smooth and with music playing, a glass of vino, you can catch some holiday spirit.

Now, that we are confident our big day will go smoothly, let’s talk food. In the recipes provided on it touches on how to thaw, brine, and roast the perfect turkey. However, if things don’t go as planned… I want you to be ready. If your turkey is still frozen, finish thawing your turkey in cold water. If you are late getting your turkey in the oven, cut legs, wings and breast (breast meat will be boneless) and roast separately on a baking sheet. Turkey done hours before guests arrive? Tent with aluminum foil to keep warm heat OR plan on pouring hot gravy/broth overtop your carved turkey just before serving. You think your meat is too dry? After carving, pour with broth or gravy for more moisture.

Now, onto those buttery, flavorful potatoes (Red Skin Mashed Potato recipe included). Potatoes taste bland? Add more salt (potatoes need a lot of seasoning) and stir in fresh herbs like parsley or green onions. Potatoes dry? Stir in more yogurt/milk or a touch of butter. Potatoes done hours before guests arrive?  Keep warm in your crockpot.

So, you have few useful tools for a successful Thanksgiving, including tips to make it appear effortless and troubleshooting tips for turkey or potato mishaps. Again, there is a grocery list below (many ingredients you already have) to fulfill a Thanksgiving spread you and your family will be able to enjoy together. Once you have your groceries, visit for the complete spread… from the Spinach Dip appetizer to Pumpkin Cheesecake for dessert. Enjoy!

Thanksgiving Grocery List from Positively Cooking