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Holiday Traditions at Home

Being at home with family during the holiday time is priceless!

Without fail, “tradition” and “family” are two words that always come to mind when thinking about the holiday season. “Home,” on the other hand, may not be one of the first words that you think of. While gifts are certainly memorable, the most unforgettable experiences come from within the friendly confines of one’s home. Stories, laughter, and food are all shared and the cozy environment is what really makes the holiday time special.

“When our rental communities were in the process of being built, we wanted a comfortable family environment,” stated Brian Schottenstein, Vice President of The Schottenstein Real Estate Group. “Seeing photos posted on our Facebook page of residents with holiday decorations in their home, smiling with loved ones is a very rewarding aspect of this job.”

As a property manager, there really is nothing better then seeing your communitycome together and your residents taking

2012 Holiday party at Hilliard Grand, an SRE Group community!

advantage of one of your amazing homes. There are many ways that a property manager can maximize community awareness throughout the holiday season:

• Everyone loves a little friendly competition, so host a holiday decorating contest in your community. Choose a date to pick the winners and then award residents with the best holiday decorations with some money off of their next month’s rent. Not only will residents appreciate the chance to win a little break in their rent after the holidays, it will ensure your community is filled with beautiful decorations!
• Encourage residents to post pictures on Facebook of their favorite holiday traditions taking place in their homes. This will encourage social media interaction and will show off your beautiful homes for all to see.
• Choose a charity and ask residents to either volunteer their time or make some kind of donation. This will remind residents how important it is to give back and will also get them working together with other community members.
• Host a holiday party at your community. Residents will love the chance to socialize with neighbors and you are sure to get some great holiday photos to post on your website and social media pages.
• As we already mentioned, the holidays are a time for friends and family. Make it easy for your residents to host guests in their home by offering community parking during this time of year.

Often times it can be overlooked, but the home where you celebrate the holidays can be one of the most special places on earth. There are so many great ways to maximize community awareness among your residents, and the holidays are a definitely a great time to start.

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